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Welcome to Max-Software Business

Max-software Business is a group of engineers (Freelancers) whose goal is to provide solutions to the crises related to actual society, through computer and technological systems.

The group is staffed by qualified personnel in various fields of activity committed to the development and improvement of living conditions in society.

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Agro_Senegal Lp

Agro_Senegal LP is a sustainable development project, based on management solutions, based on narrow artificial intelligence, implemented to promote the agri-food sector in Senegal, it focuses on the development of various agricultural plantations, livestock and processing of products throughout the territory with the main goal: the reduction of food shortages in Africa, job creation in the country concerned, economic dependence on an important sector.



FWiseDoc+Nigeria is a startup involved in the facilitation of obtaining medical services as well as service exchanges between health professionals through a web-based telemedicine platform. The main goal of the startup is to reduce traffic at the hospital and self-medication by Nigerians and aiming to revolutionize healthcare in Nigeria by making health specialist easily accessible and available anytime, anywhere.

Medical is a pharmaceutical management software, with the aim of the improvement of the economic course of a pharmacy, the promotion of good accounting, the management of a pharmacy under a computer system. Medical Meditech as management software helps you in the management: Stocks, Sales statistics , Your recipes, Staff, Customers.

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